Phoenix Pro Documentation#

Welcome to the Phoenix Pro documentation. Individuals looking for the Phoenix 5 documentation may locate them here.

The Phoenix Pro software framework allows you to control and configure your CTR-Electronics Phoenix Pro Devices. Phoenix Pro represents a complete rewrite of the software framework over the existing Phoenix 5 framework. With Phoenix Pro, users have access to many new features that expand the control the user has over their device.


A changelog containing API, Tuner and Firmware changes is available here and a migration guide is available here.

Why Phoenix Pro?#

Phoenix Pro currently offers the following features and will further expand:

  • Time Synchronization

    • Using time synchronization (when using CANivore), users can accurately determine when a signal was measured and react synchronously.

  • Canonical Units

    • Uses the popular Units library for C++ and standardizes on SI units.

  • Comprehensive API

    • Get API calls return a StatusSignalValue object that contain methods to refresh, wait for new data, and get the timestamp of the signal.

    • Control API is performed with request-specific control objects to reduce the parameter count while maintaining clarity on what the request does.

  • Improved device control

    • New control modes such as FOC (velocity-based control) to take advantage of ~15% increased peak power.

    • Kalman based algorithms for velocity smoothing

CTR-Electronics Blog

For news and updates about your CTR-Electronics device, please see the blog


Installation instructions for Phoenix API & Tuner.

Phoenix Tuner

Documentation that introduces the companion application to manage your CTR-Electronics devices.

Hardware Reference

Documentation for device specific configuration, troubleshooting and setup instructions.

API Reference

Documentation and details on using the CTR-Electronics device API. This includes usage of signals, configs, control requests, etc.


Software API examples for controlling your devices.


Common troubleshooting for hardware or software problems.