Phoenix Pro Documentation#

Welcome to the Phoenix Pro documentation. Individuals looking for the Phoenix 5 documentation may locate them here.

The Phoenix Pro software framework allows you to control and configure your CTR Electronics Phoenix Pro Devices. Phoenix Pro represents a complete rewrite of the software framework over the existing Phoenix 5 framework. With Phoenix Pro, users have access to many new features that expand the control the user has over their device.


A changelog containing API, Tuner and Firmware changes is available here and a migration guide is available here.

Why Phoenix Pro?#

Phoenix Pro currently offers the following features and will further expand:

  • Time Synchronization

    • Using time synchronization (when using CANivore), users can accurately determine when a signal was measured and react synchronously.

  • Canonical Units

    • Uses the popular Units library for C++ and standardizes on SI units.

  • Comprehensive API

    • Get API calls return a StatusSignalValue object that contain methods to refresh, wait for new data, and get the timestamp of the signal.

    • Control API is performed with request-specific control objects to reduce the parameter count while maintaining clarity on what the request does.

  • Improved device control

    • New control modes such as FOC (velocity-based control) to take advantage of ~15% increased peak power.

    • Kalman based algorithms for velocity smoothing

CTR Electronics Blog

For news and updates about your CTR Electronics device, please see the blog


Installation instructions for Phoenix API & Tuner.

Phoenix Tuner

Documentation that introduces the companion application to manage your CTR Electronics devices.

Hardware Reference

Documentation for device specific configuration, troubleshooting and setup instructions.

API Reference

Documentation and details on using the CTR Electronics device API. This includes usage of signals, configs, control requests, etc.


Software API examples for controlling your devices.


Common troubleshooting for hardware or software problems.