Running the Diagnostic Server#

Phoenix Tuner utilizes an on-device HTTP server called Phoenix Diagnostic Server to communicate with the device. The user can run the diagnostic server through one of two ways.

1: Deploying a Robot Program#

Phoenix Diagnostics will automatically run assuming you have instantiated a CTR Electronics device in your robot program. This can be as simple as having a motor declared somewhere in your program.


The ID of the device does not need to be valid to run diagnostics.

private TalonFX m_motor = new TalonFX(0);
hardware::TalonFX m_talonFX{0};

When the program runs, it will print text to the console similar to the below


WPILib users will see this text in the Driver Station or RioLog

[phoenix] Starting Standalone Diagnostics Server (23.1.0-Jun  2 2023,23:17:09)
[phoenix-diagnostics] Server 2023.1.0 (Jun  2 2023, 23:17:56) running on port: 1250

2: Running Temporary Diagnostic Server#

Alternatively, users can run a temporary diagnostic server in Tuner X. The temporary diagnostic server will only run until the next reboot of the target system.