CANivore Intro#

The CANivore is a multipurpose USB-to-CAN FD device. The CANivore:

  • Adds a secondary CAN FD bus to the roboRIO

    • CAN FD improves upon CAN via increased device bandwidth and transfer speed. A detailed write-up is available here.

  • Allows the control of CTR Electronics devices on non-roboRIO platforms.


Details on licensing your CANivore is available on the licensing page.

Supported Platforms#

CANivore is supported on:

  • Windows 10, Windows 11.

  • Linux amd64 (Ubuntu 20.04 or higher)

  • Linux ARM 32-bit & 64-bit (Pi 3B+, Pi 4B, Jetson Nano)

  • NI roboRIO