Swerve Requirements#

The swerve project creator and swerve API have several limitations. These limitations are in place to maximize performance and improve maintainability.

  • Only Phoenix 6 supported hardware (e.g. TalonFX, CANcoder, Pigeon 2.0).

    • 8 TalonFX (4 steer, 4 drive)

    • 4 CANcoder (4 steer)

    • 1 Pigeon 2.0

  • Requires Phoenix 6 software released for year 2024 or newer.

    • Firmware version should begin with 24.X

    • Ensure Tuner shows server version as “2024” or newer

  • Temporary diagnostic server (or an existing 2024 robot project) must be running and Tuner should be connected to the robot.

    • This allows the generator to perform it’s setup and auto-calibration routines

Some of these requirements are inforced via a mechanism called “precheck”. You can see and refresh the precheck status by clicking the Refresh button in the top right.

Box surrounding the pre-check section of the swerve creation wizard


While the Swerve API and project generator can be utilized without Pro or FD, both of these enhance robot control. When utilizing Pro and CAN FD, sensor data is acquired synchronously. FusedCANcoder improves the accuracy of module positions.

Requirement Checklist#

Users can utilize the below checklist to ensure their robot is ready for project generation.



REQUIRED: Is there the minimum number of devices?

(8 TalonFX, 4 CANcoder, 1 Pigeon 2.0)

REQUIRED: Do all devices appear in Tuner X?

REQUIRED: Are all devices on the same CAN bus?

REQUIRED: Is all firmware up-to-date? (24.X)

REQUIRED: Is 2024 (or newer) diagnostics running?

Recommended: Have devices been renamed?

(e.g. “TalonFX (Device ID 1)” -> “FL Steer Motor”)

Recommended: Are the devices on a CANivore?

Recommended: Are the devices Pro-licensed?

Once the user has reviewed the requirements, continue to Creating your Project to get started.