Self Test Snapshot#

Self Test Snapshot is a diagnostic feature of all supported devices that will show the immediate state of the device. This is extremely useful for troubleshooting and ensuring the device is working properly. Phoenix 6 with Phoenix Tuner X improves upon Self Test by showing the information in clean tables, animations and detailed units.

Tuner X Self Test

Self Test also includes four buttons: Refresh, Clear Faults, Copy Self Test, and Share to Support. Refresh will refresh the Self Test information, Clear faults` will blink the device and clear any faults on the device. Copy Self Test will copy the Self Test information to your clipboard. Share to Support will open the default email client with an email to CTR Electronics support.

Viewing Status LEDs#

Phoenix 6 devices report status LEDs as an animated GIF in Phoenix Tuner X. This can be useful for diagnosing a device when it’s buried in a robot.

Highlight blinking LEDs in Phoenix Tuner X