Device List#

The Devices page is the first page that is shown to the user upon launching the application. The Devices page by default shows a grid of cards, but can be changed to a flat grid view (similar to Phoenix Tuner v1) by clicking on the 4 grid square icon located in the top right corner (not available in Android Tuner X).

Card Colors#

The color of the device cards is helpful as a visual indicator of device state. The meaning of the card color is also shown as text underneath the device title.




Device has latest firmware.


Device has unexpected firmware version.


A new firmware version is available. Check the changelog to determine if the new version matters to your application


Device has a duplicate ID.


Failed to retrieve list of available firmware.

Clipboard Options & Licensing#

Phoenix Tuner X provides icons at the bottom right of each card that will allow the user to copy to the clipboard the device details, configs and Self Test. This can be useful for support requests and additional debugging.

Tuner X clipboard options

Devices that support CAN FD are shown via a CAN FD icon in the bottom right of the card.


The CAN FD icon does not indicate that the device is currently on a CAN FD bus, merely that it supports CAN FD.

The other major icon in the bottom right of the device card is the licensing indicator. This showcases the licensing states and when clicked, will open the licensing dialog.

Batch Field Upgrade#

Phoenix Tuner X allows the user to batch field upgrade from the Devices page. The user can either select devices by their checkbox (in the top right corner of their respective card) or by selecting the checkmark icon in the top right.


Selecting a device using their checkbox and clicking the checkmark in the top right will select all devices of the same models

Showing batch selection option in the top right

Step 1 in the above image selects all devices of the same model (or all devices if no device is currently check-boxed).

Step 2 in the above image opens the field-upgrade dialog.

Once the upgrade dialog is opened, information detailing the device name, model, ID, and firmware version is presented. There is a Pro column that has a toggle. This toggle represents whether to upgrade to Pro or v5 firmware. If this toggle is disabled (as evident from being greyed out), then there is no available Pro firmware for that device (TalonSRX, legacy devices).

Batch selection screen

The user can begin the upgrade progress by selecting Update to latest or Select firmware…. The first option will upgrade all listed devices to their latest available firmware (Pro or v5 depending on the toggle state). The second option will open a popup allowing you to select a specific version or firmware file per model.

Batch upgrade firmware selection screen


Generally, users should update their devices to the latest available firmware version. If manually selecting a CRF is important, the firmware files are available for download on our GitHub Repo.


While the user can cancel firmware upgrading using the “X” button in the top-right, this will not cancel the current device in progress. It will finish upgrading the current device and will not upgrade subsequent devices. Typical Tuner X behavior will resume once the current device finishes flashing.