The Falcon 500 powered by Talon FX is a brushless motor with an integrated motor controller and high-resolution encoder, custom designed specifically for the FIRST Robotics Competition, through a collaboration between Cross the Road Electronics and VEX Robotics.

Store Page

CAD, Firmware and purchase instructions.

Hardware User Manual

Wiring and mount instructions in PDF format.

Actuator Limits#

CTR Electronics actuators, such as the TalonFX, support various kinds of hardware and software limits.

Documentation on retrieving and configuring limits can be found here.

Limit Switches#

CTR Electronics supported actuators have limit features that will automatically neutral the actuator output (set voltage to 0) if a limit switch is activated. By default, limits are set to “normally open”. This means that the switch needs to be explicitly closed (or grounded) for the actuator output to be set to neutral.

When the limit switch is closed (connected to ground), the actuator will disable and the pattern will move toward the forward/reverse limit pin (red blink pattern will move toward the forward limit pin when the forward limit is closed, and vice-versa).


For more information on limit switch wiring, consult the TalonFX User’s Guide.

Status Light Reference#

Status LEDs located in central part of the motor

LED State


Alternating Off/Orange

Talon FX is disabled. Robot controller is missing on the bus or the diagnostic server is not installed.

Simultaneous Off/Orange

Talon FX is disabled. Phoenix is running in Robot Controller.

Alternating Red/Green

Talon FX is not licensed. Please license device in Phoenix Tuner.

Off/Slow Red

CAN/PWM is not detected.


Damaged Hardware


Limit Switch or Soft Limit triggered.


Device is in bootloader.