Pigeon 2.0#

Pigeon 2.0 is the next evolution in the family of Pigeon IMUs.

With no on-boot calibration or temperature calibration required and dramatic improvement to drift, the Pigeon is the easiest IMU to use yet.

Store Page

CAD, Firmware and purchase instructions.

Hardware User Manual

Wiring and mount instructions in PDF format.

Status Light Reference#

Pigeon 2 led location

LED Color

Blink Pattern



Pigeon 2.0 is not powered.


Only a single LED will blink with this pattern.

Device is in boot-loader, most likely because firmware upgrading has failed. Inspect CAN bus wiring and retry firmware upgrading. If device has valid firmware, turn device off, wait 10 seconds, and turn device back on.


Alternating Red/Green

Device is not licensed. License device in Phoenix Tuner.


LEDs are never off - one of the two colors are always illuminated

Hardware is damaged

Red Blink

Check CAN bus health and connection to the Pigeon 2.0


Alternate Blinking

CAN bus detected but robot controller is not detected (or Pigeon 2.0 is not referenced in code)


Simultaneous Blinking

CAN bus detected, robot is disabled.

Green Blink

CAN bus detected. Robot is enabled

Mount Calibration#

It’s recommended to perform a mount calibration when placement of the Pigeon 2.0 has been finalized. This can be done via the Calibration page in Tuner X.

Mount calibration page in Tuner X