Feature Replacements#

In addition to the changes shown in the other sections, several other Phoenix 5 features have been replaced or improved upon in Phoenix Pro.

Motor Invert#

In Phoenix Pro, motor invert is now a persistent config (Java, C++) instead of a control signal.

Neutral Mode#

In Phoenix Pro, Neutral mode is now available in API as a config (Java, C++). Many control requests also have the ability to override the neutral mode to either force braking (Java, C++) or force coasting (Java, C++).

Nominal Output#

The Talon FX forward and reverse Nominal Output configs have been removed in Phoenix Pro.

The typical use case of the nominal output configs is to overcome friction in closed-loop control modes, which can now be achieved using the kS feedforward parameter (Java, C++).

Sensor Phase#

The Talon FX setSensorPhase() method has been removed in Phoenix Pro.

  • The Talon FX integrated sensor is always in phase, so the method does nothing in Phoenix 5.

  • When using a remote sensor, you can invert the remote sensor to bring it in phase with the Talon FX.

Sensor Initialization Strategy#

The Talon FX and CANcoder sensors are always initialized to their absolute position in Phoenix Pro.

Velocity Measurement Period/Window#

In Phoenix Pro, the velocity rolling average window in Talon FX and CANcoder has been replaced with a Kalman filter, resulting in a less noisy velocity signal with a minimal impact on latency. As a result, the velocity measurement period/window configs are no longer necessary in Phoenix Pro and have been removed.

Integral Zone#

Phoenix Pro automatically prevents integral windup in closed-loop controls. As a result, the Integral Zone config is no longer necessary and has been removed.